• Zhou Dynasty Timeline

    Philosophy during this time period was focused on Confucious ideology.

    When Zhou first started in 1046 BC, it was a monarchy.

    1000-800 BC was the Zhou's Golden Age (calm people and strong economy)

    771 BC was the end of the Western Zhou and the beginning of the eastern Zhou.

    770-456 BC was the Spring and Autumn Period

    256 BC ended the Zhou Dynasty after 34 kings and over 800 years as a major dynasty in China.

    The Zhou first came up with basic math and fractions that led to some of its success

    Made iron for military purposes, first used horseman and chariots for war

    Embroidery on silk fabrics was sophisticated looking and heavily detailed.

    The first evidence of astronomy dates back to the Zhou

    Murals and silk paintings were well known from this era

    Zhou architects built fabulous palaces for the royal families during the Spring and Autumn period (Picture below)

    The invention of iron weapons and tools were key to everyday life from then on.

    A famous quote from this era is:

    "Learn without thinking begets ignorance.

    Think without learning is dangerous."



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